Meet Superintendent Verletta White

A Note from the Roanoke City School Board

“After a multi-step community input process, extensive search, and comprehensive vetting process, we couldn’t be more pleased to announce the appointment of Superintendent Verletta White as the new executive leader for Roanoke City Public Schools.

Superintendent White brings a strong background supporting the diverse needs of students, and a passionate commitment to rigorous academics and high performance by all.

We want to thank our faculty, our staff, and the broader community for their involvement in this process and their unwavering support of our local school district.”

~ The 2020 Roanoke City Public School Board

Mark K. Cathey, Chairman; William B. Hopkins, Jr.; Elizabeth C. S. Jamison, Ph.D.; Laura D. Rottenborn; Lutheria H. Smith, Vice Chairman; Joyce W. Watkins; Dick Willis

About Verletta White

On July 1, 2020, Superintendent Verletta White will be bringing 28 years of experience working in education and a collaborative, compassionate, student-first leadership philosophy to Roanoke City Public Schools.

She most recently served as the interim superintendent for Baltimore County Public Schools (BCPS), the 25th largest school system in the nation. Superintendent White focused on literacy across all subject areas, equity, inclusion, and opportunity for all students.  She also put tremendous emphasis on positive, safe, and healthy school climates, which are essential to support effective teaching and learning in every classroom.

Superintendent White began her teaching career in 1992, as an elementary school teacher in Baltimore City, then transitioned to a teaching position in Baltimore County in 1995.  She rose through the ranks in BCPS, where she served as chief academic officer, assistant superintendent for elementary schools, area assistant superintendent for the Northeast Area, and executive director of professional development.

Superintendent White is currently working on her doctoral dissertation in Urban Educational Leadership at Morgen State University and anticipates earning her Ph.D. in December of 2020.

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Career Highlights

Superintendent White is a student-centered educator, equity-driven instructional leader, systems thinker, strategic planner, collaborative decision-maker, public education advocate. She is widely celebrated for the following accomplishments:

  • Increased four-year cohort graduation rate, decreased the four-year dropout rate, and transformed school improvement practices to ensure student achievement results while serving as Interim Superintendent at BCPS
  • Led instructional teams in the transformation of teaching and learning to promote targeted, student-centered classrooms as Chief Academic Officer
  • Directed 71 schools and principals  to increase student achievement in elementary, middle, high, and alternative schools as Assistant Superintendent of Schools
  • Guided achievement gains at Seneca Elementary School, where she served as principal for six years
  • Awarded the Leadership Achievement Award from the Baltimore Tuskegee Alumni Association
  • Named Outstanding Educator in Gifted and Talented Education – School or System Administrator, Maryland State Department of Education

Praise for Verletta